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About Us

Teaching students to think critically about economic issues affecting our community.

Who Are We: Founded in 2022, The Economics Review at ASU is Arizona State University's premier undergraduate economics publication. 

Our organization is fully student-run, with all published content researched, written, and edited by students of all academic backgrounds with a passion for economics. Each piece features in-depth analysis on a pressing economic issue of our time, and showcases students applying both theoretical and empirical strategies to communicate their position.

Our Mission: The Economics Review at ASU provides a platform for undergraduate students to communicate their views on economic topics of interest. We help students apply knowledge acquired in the classroom and foster a community of students passionate about economics.

Disclaimer: All views in this publication reflect those of the individual authors, and do not reflect the opinions or policies of The Economics Review at ASU staff, the ASU Department of Economics, or Arizona State University in general.

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